Social Services / Discharge Planning

lady getting her hair done getting ready for counciling sessionOur Social Service staff provides ongoing support and listening ears to assist our residents in the initial adjustment to living at the Crawford County Care Center and then the ongoing concerns and needs that arise in the life of our residents.

The social service assistants assist with discharge planning, making the arrangements for home health care services and medical equipment needed at home, and also making referrals to Hospice.

Social services also monitor the overall emotional needs of our residents and makes referral to a Professional Counselor who visits weekly or to a Psychiatrist for maintaining and adjusting medications as needed.

beautician services provided, lady getting her hair doneHospice Services

We have contracts with several local Hospice agencies that provide Hospice care to the resident and their families.

Counseling Services

A Psychologist and MSW are available for counselling services and to provide support for those who are in need of extra encouragement and the acceptance of their need of 24 hour nursing care.

care transportation

Other Physician Services available:

  • Podiatry Care
  • Eye Care
  • Dental Care
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Other outside consults as needed

getting her nails doneBeautician Services:

Hair care is provided at no additional cost. The barber visits the facility on a monthly basis. The beautician is in the facility two to three days a week. The ladies may have their hair washed and set approximately every two weeks and cut monthly. Permanent waves are given once every ninety days, if desired. Any additional services desired must be requested and paid for in advance.